Advanced Threat Protection 3.0

Advanced Threat Protection 3.0



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With this training material, you will learn the following:

·         How to protect your organization and improve its security against advance threats that bypass traditional security controls

·         How FortiSandbox detects threats that traditional antivirus products miss

·         How FortiSandbox dynamically generates local threat intelligence, which can be shared throughout the network

·         How other advanced threat protection (ATP) components—FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, and FortiClient—leverage this threat intelligence information to protect organizations, from end-to-end, from advanced threats


1.    Attack Methodologies and the ATP Framework

2.    FortiSandbox Key Components

3.    High Availability, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

4.    Protecting the Edge

5.    Protecting Email Networks

6.    Protecting Web Applications

7.    Protecting End Users

8.    Protecting Third-Party Appliances

9.    Results Analysis

This kit is not part of the certification program. It includes:

·         Advanced Threat Protection 3.0 Study Guide

·         Advanced Threat Protection 3.0 Lab Guide